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2018-2019 CUWC Interest Groups

CUWC Interest Groups 2018-2019 -- must be a paid-in member.

#1 Art Class

Explore the mediums of pencil and watercolors, and create a completed art project.  Lessons will be taught by Jo Ann Cadmus on Wednesday at 1:30 - 3:30 pm. 
Contact:  Jo Ann Cadmus, 864-985-3381,

#2 Morning Book Club

The Morning Book Club offers monthly meetings throughout the year with lively discussion of books selected by the members.  We meet on the third Thursday of the month at 9:30 am in various members' homes. The first meeting we’ll select books for discussion, so bring a book you would like to recommend.

Contact: Anna Tollison, 864-650-4783, or Rameth Owens, 864-654-4709,

#3 Evening Book Club

The evening Book Club offers a monthly opportunity to discuss a previously chosen book with fellow members.  Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month from 7:00-9:00 pm at Il Vino in Pendleton.  The first meeting we will choose eight books to read from September to May (there will be no December meeting).  We choose books available in paperback to cut down on the cost of purchasing the books.  
Contact:  Julia Lusk, 864-650-2544,

#4 and #5a Lunch Bunch Bridge (first and/or fourth Tuesdays)

Lunch Bunch Bridge meets on the first Tuesday at 9:30 am (place to be determined) and on the fourth Tuesday at 9:45 am at Pixie and Bill’s in Clemson. You may sign up for one or both Tuesdays. A great way to meet people and see friends, this group is for intermediate players who play either Goren or American Contract Bridge. There is an annual fee of $5.00 and players need to make sure that they have paid their CUWC membership fee. We play three rounds of six hands each and stay for lunch (no charge for the room). Martha and Paulette are excited to be co-coordinators and look forward to a new year.

Contact:  Martha Biggs, 864-506-4714, or Paulette Handegan, 864-654-0446,

#5b Second Tuesday Bridge

Second Tuesday Bridge begins play on 9/11. We play at Pixie and Bill’s in Clemson. We ask folks to arrive at 9:45 am for play to begin at 10:00 am. Please stay for lunch if possible!

Contact: Pat Wagner, 864-882-6818,

#6 Hiking and Waterfalls

Please join us for fun, fellowship and great exercise.  Upstate South Carolina has a huge number of beautiful waterfalls with both easy access and challenging ones. We will try to hike once a month. Detailed information about the falls and the hike will be emailed ahead of time. Come enjoy what the area has to offer, wildflowers in the spring, birds year round, and beautiful views. Contact: Pam Bodenhorn, 864-650-6214

#7 Excursions

It’s always more fun to do something as a group, from shopping, to tours, to physical activity. You may be interested in: Antiquing, Junking, Shopping...whatever you call a day out to rummage through a grouping of stores or perhaps a flea market. Take an occasional day off with us to spend some money or just some time with a fun group. Gardens, farms and flowers… get together to learn and share plant knowledge by touring public and private gardens. Tour local specialty farms or visit state parks and University land. Hither and yon… learn more about our local culture and history by visiting attractions and touring the area.  We will try to plan day trips about once a month taking advantage of what the upstate has to offer.

Contact: Pam Bodenhorn, 864-650-6214,

#8 Sports Support

Interested in being part of a group that attends, cheers, and supports our Women's teams?  Interested in seeing the facilities...learning the rules?  Basketball, Diving, Golf, Rowing, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field, and Volleyball.  Let's make our support noticeable by going together (please continue to attend on your own as well!)  Throughout the school year, you will get information about a particular game/match/event and where to meet the other members.

Contact: Lane Wilson, 512-363-7280,

#9 Wine Dinner

The host picks the wine (grape type) and provides food (host's choice: appetizers, dinner, dessert). Light hearted discussion of the wines' worth and pairing would be expected.  Each event will have a limited number of spaces determined by the host. Spouses/significant others are included. Signing up indicates that you are willing to host or cohost as well as participate. We will plan an event on the third Saturday of each month (except for July and August). 

Contact: Sandy Yates, 864-886-0777,

#10 Information Emails: what’s happening around town and campus

Monthly information on music, student fundraising, food sources etc.

Contact: Pam Bodenhorn 864-650-6214,

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